Plan Bronze Silver Gold
  # Customers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  # Products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  # Price Grids & Discount Options ** Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  # Emails Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  Monthly Fee $25 $50 $100
  # Free Transactions Included 2 5 15
  Comissions After Free Transactions 4% * 3% * 2% *
  # Minimum Commision $5 $5 $5
  Fee for FCH Link None None None

* Comissions After Free Transactions

Commissions are only charged once the number of free transaction have been completed. The commissions are accumulated and billed at the end of each month.

** Discount Options & Pricing Terms

What are Price Grids?

Price grids are used to most efficiently list and sell standard products. They are easy to populate, update, and launch. Simply select a grid from our many options, enter your selling prices and you’re off.

What are the available pricing discounts?

In order to make EC4F user friendly, a number of discounts can be offered to our member’s customers.

Contract Prices
You select item(s) for which you offer your customer a special, contract price. This is the price that they will see when they select that item from your inventory list. The system will default to this price first and not apply any further discounts.

Discounts for a Customer and customer groups
This means that you can now provide your customers the ability to place orders 24X7. believes in providing meaningful affordable order entry capability to the fasteners industry thereby freeing up resources to better serve your customers.

Discounts for specific products

Discounts for a range of products (Category, etc)

Discount Prices
You can set up a permanent discount for specific customers or groups of customers. When your customer signs into your EC4F homepage, their discount will automatically be applied to all of their purchases.

Promo Codes
Your customer can enter in a temporary discount code of your choosing into our “ENTER DISCOUNT CODE” box and then select any item from your inventory list or grids. The discount code will then reduce the item’s price by the percent amount of the discount you’re offering. For example, your discount code might be “APRIL SAVINGS” and it is worth 10% off. Once APRIL SAVINGS is entered, all items selected will be shown with a 10% discount. The number of discounts codes and amounts you can use are unlimited, and you can select specific end dates or leave the discount open ended. GREAT FOR SPECIAL PROMOTIONS!

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